Tree Trimming

If you have trees on your commercial or residential property, you may inevitably have to trim them at some point. Gilbert Tree Removal Pros offers a comprehensive and client-oriented tree trimming service that includes skilled tree and hedge cutting.

Gilbert Tree Removal Pros Trimming Service

Trees are essential for your property’s value and visual appeal, but when they block access to power lines, start damaging you or your neighbor’s buildings, or shed excessive leaves in an area that you want to keep neat and tidy, they have to be trimmed back.

Our team of arborists are certified and have extensive experience with providing tree trimming services to property owners in the Gilbert area. We are also fully insured to mitigate your risk of damage to your property.

Before trimming a tree, we will inspect the site and tree thoroughly to ensure that you need a trimming service and not a tree removal or any other service. We will assess the risk involved with a tree trimming service – not only to eliminate the risk of personal injury or damage to your property but also to ensure that the trimming service does not harm the tree’s health and growth.

Trimming and Pruning

Trimming differs significantly from pruning. Where a pruning service is aimed at stimulating growth and enhancing the health of a tree, trimming is purely aimed at cutting back your tree’s branches to prevent them from causing damage or blocking access.

A tree needs its leaves for photosynthesis and gas exchanges. When a tree loses too many leaves, it cannot perform vital functions to maintain its roots and the rest of the branches. Tree trimming, therefore, has to be carried out carefully by an expert that makes clear and precise cuts to eliminate the risk of damage, decay, or disease.

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Our team of professional tree trimmers has extensive experience with palm tree trimming, dead wood removal, crown lifting, canopy topping, and hedge trimming. We also provide emergency tree trimming services for people who have to prevent damage to electrical fences, power lines, or property structural components.

Our services are geared towards meeting your unique needs. If you have a problematic tree on your property that needs to be trimmed back, we can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote or to learn more about our professional tree removal services.

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