Tree Cutting and Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to enhance trees growth and keep them healthy. Pruning involves the removal of living or dead twigs, branches, or tree root system. Pruning can also refer to the partial removal of a tree’s aerial growth.

Even if you aren’t experienced in tree pruning, you may be able to prune a tree yourself. If you notice several dead twigs, you can remove them with pruning scissors by making clear and precise cuts. However, if you notice that a tree on your property is struggling to grow or some other issue, it may be necessary for an expert to carry out a thorough tree inspection to determine the cause of the problem and plan a suitable pruning method.

At Gilbert Tree Removal Pros, our team of certified arborists can provide you with extensive tree pruning and tree removal services.

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Tree Pruning Services


Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is the partial removal of aerial growth in a young tree to result in a typical appearance and to promote growth. Formative pruning also reduces the risk of plant defects as the tree gets older.


Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the removal of defective, dead, crossing, or rubbing branches located in a tree’s crown.



Pollarding is excessive pruning and involves removing all growth except for the main branch to increase the growth of multiple shoots.



Coppicing is when a tree is reduced to a stump, but the tree is kept intact to allow it to produce vigorous basal shoots.


Crown Reshaping

Crown reduction or reshaping should if possible be the preferred pruning method above thinning. Crown reshaping is the removal of outer branches closer to the main trunk to reduce the size of a crown or to improve a crown’s symmetry.



Thinning is pruning to reduce the density of a tree’s crown by cutting off secondary, live, and wooding branches. The objective of thinning is to reduce the load of a defective branch.



Dead-wooding is a type of pruning that involves the removal of dead, decayed, or dying branches or twigs that are located in the crown of a tree. With dead-wooding, the branches should be cut back to the bark ridgeline where there is callous growth.

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Most pruning operations should be carried out by an expert to ensure the health and continued growth of your tree. For pruning and palm cutting, contact Gilbert Tree Removal Pros Today.

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