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A cactus is a popular choice for property owners as they require little water and maintenance to grow. They can also provide your property with ample aesthetic appeal. Species of cactus, for example, the Prickly Pear Cactus or the Barrel Cactus that grow on commercial or residential properties, tend to grow to significant sizes, especially since they usually get water from garden irrigation systems.

If you’re planning on adding an extension, starting a new building project, or landscaping, you may have to remove the plant. Removal may also be necessary if the cactus is suffering from problems such as rot, pests, or instability as the result of outgrowing their roots. A cactus may also be hazardous to people and pets.

Removing sizeable cactuses with thorns is not only a challenge but can also be dangerous. The good news is that Gilbert Tree Removal Pros have all the necessary skills and equipment to remove a cactus from your property, regardless of the type or size.

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Cactus Removal Services

Gilbert Tree Removal Pros offer efficient cactus removal services safely and cost-effectively. One of the big problems that property owners with cacti in their gardens have is that they are often unsure if they should go to the trouble of having a cactus professionally removed.

When you contact our team of certified arborists, we will come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection. Before deciding whether removal is the best course of action, we will take a number of factors into account. These considerations include:


The species of cactus


The presence of cactus rot as the result of fungal disease, bacteria, or insects


The presence of cactus diseases or pests, for example, Bacterial Necrosis


Signs of instability as a result of outgrowing the root system


Hazard to people or pets. Like trees, cactuses that grow too tall may fall and, if the plant has thorns, it can result in severe injuries.

After taking all these factors into account, we will recommend a suitable course of action that will fit your budget. If we have to remove the cactus, we will consult with you beforehand to explain the process. Click here for our other tree services.

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If you have a problematic cactus on your property, Gilbert Tree Removal Pros can help. Contact us to schedule an inspection, so that we can discuss your options. We will also provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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