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Tree Removal

As a commercial or residential property owner in Gilbert, Arizona, you may find yourself in need of high-quality and expert services from certified arborists.

Tree Removal in Gilbert AZ

Having trees on your property can have several benefits, including aesthetic appeal, shade, and an increase in property value. Trees also accommodate bird life and conserve energy by reducing air conditioning needs.

Unfortunately, trees can become problematic in a garden. If they grow too high, they can become a lightning risk. Tall trees that are top-heavy and start leaning to the side can fall and cause damage to buildings or personal injury.You may also have a tree that is non-indigenous, dead or dying, in the way of a construction project or causing damage to an existing structure.

When you contact Gilbert Tree Removal Professionals, we will first conduct a thorough inspection and analyze factors such as the size of the tree, its proximity to buildings, power lines, and fences, and accessibility for heavy equipment.

After considering these and other factors, we will formulate a plan of action to safely cut down the tree in the most affordable manner. After consulting with you, we will start the tree cutting process. The first step of the removal process is to cut the tree several inches above the soil.

Next, we will grind the stump down below the soil level and remove any residue and debris that may be left from the tree. Upon completion of the project, the tree will be entirely gone, and we will take steps to ensure that the tree doesn’t sprout new branches in the future.

Tree Care

To stimulate tree growth and enhance the health of your remaining trees selective pruning is necessary to remove:

– Excessive branches

– Dead branches

– Suckers

– Crossover branches

– Dangerous branches

– Overgrowth creepers and weeds

Pruning a tree requires skill and an inherent understanding of tree health, cultivation, crown balance, and shapes. Clean and precise cuts are crucial to stimulate tree growth and optimize visual appeal.

Cactus Gilbert AZ

Cactus Removal

Cacti are one of the most popular plant types, especially in Arizona. They require little maintenance and waterand provide visual interest and appeal to any garden.
Like trees, cacti can become a problem, especially since some of them have prominent thorns. You may not know how to approach a cactus to remove it entirely from your garden and prevent it from growing again in the area.

Gilbert Tree Removal Pros will remove any type and size of cactus completely and safely from your property.

Palm Trees Gilbert AZ

Tree Maintenance

Despite popular opinion, there is a difference between tree pruning and tree trimming or lopping. Pruning is carried out to stimulate growth while trimming is aimed purely at removing branches.
Tree trimming is an integral part of garden maintenance. Haphazard trimming of problematic or redundant branches can be harmful to the health and growth of your trees as the leaves are an essential part of a tree’s anatomy.

As tree surgeons, we will be able to maintain and trim down trees while mitigating the risk of damage. Before cutting off branches, we will inspect the tree thoroughly to find the most viable trimming solution.

green leaf plant on brown wooden stump

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Dealing with trees, cacti, and stumps in your garden can be a nightmare if you don’t have the know-how or proper equipment. Fortunately, Gilbert Tree Removal Pros’ team of certified arborists is a phone call away, and we can take care of all your tree removal, trimming, and pruning needs.

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